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Estes Park, Colorado

Wednesday March 9, 2016

Tapestry is an event designed to advance interactive online data storytelling. Tapestry brings different viewpoints together with the goal of generating a rich conversation about data storytelling.

This one-day, invitation-only conference includes keynotes, short stories, discussion, and a demo theater designed to provoke ideas and discussion across disciplines.


The fourth Tapestry event will be held at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Opened in 1909, the Stanley Hotel is a member of the Historic Hotels of America and has been featured as one of the most haunted hotels in America. The Stanley Hotel is best known as the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, The Shining.
Estes Park, Colorado is roughly an hour and a half from Denver International Airport, which has flights to many US and international cities. We recommend Estes Park Shuttle for transportation. 

The Stanley Hotel

333 E Wonderview Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517


Tapestry is a day-long program with a mix of presentations, discussions, and a science-fair style demo showcase. There will be a Welcome Reception Tuesday, March 8th to kick-off Tapestry in style. All meals included.

Tuesday, March 8




Welcome Reception

Wednesday, March 9






Opening Keynote

Scott Klein

Assistant Managing Editor, ProPublica
Scott directs a team of journalist/programmers at ProPublica building large interactive software projects that tell journalistic stories, and that make complex national statistics relevant to readers and their communities.

ProPublica's news application team’s awards include three Online Journalism Awards for General Excellence, nine Malofiej International Infographics Award medals, the Data Journalism Award Jurors Choice Award, and 34 Society for News Design Awards of Excellence, including special recognition for “defining the design language of data-driven news apps.” The team maintains a blog at A full list of their projects is at

Scott also teaches in the Journalism+Design program at The New School, and is co-founder of DocumentCloud, a service that helps news organizations search, manage, and present their source documents. 



Short Stories

To Be Determined




Short Stories

Trina Chiasson

Senior Product Manager, Development, Tableau Software



Afternoon Keynote

Jessica Hullman

Assistant Professor in the Information School, University of Washington
Jessica is an Assistant Professor in the Information School and adjunct Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. Before joining UW, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley, where her work was sponsored by Tableau Software. ​Jessica also holds a Ph.D. and M.S.I. from the University of Michigan.  
Jessica's research focuses on how visualizations and other interactive representations can make complex information more comprehensible to broad audiences, often in the context of data journalism. She typically starts by studying how expert human designers effectively convey data in storytelling and other engaging formats, and articulating specific design principles from their work.
Jessica's work has explored the design space of narrative visualization, including rhetorical strategies used to subtly persuade users to interpret data in a certain light, and design principles for sequenced storytelling visualizations. Her recent work looks at how inherent yet cognitively difficult aspects of scientific information, including uncertainty, scales of measurement, and scientific jargon can be made more understandable through new techniques and tools. For example, she has been investigating how visualizing a set of possible outcomes can make it easier for non-experts to understand the concept of data uncertainty, and how unfamiliar measurements (e.g., 400 gal,  224 acres) can be automatically re-expressed via  more personally relatable analogies (e.g., about the volume of a hot tub, about half the size of your city's biggest park). 

Demo Showcase


Closing Keynote

Nick Sousanis

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary
Nick Sousanis received his doctorate at Columbia University, where he wrote and drew his dissertation entirely in comics form. Titled Unflattening, it is now a book from Harvard University Press. He’s presented on his work and the importance of visual thinking in education at such institutions as Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, and Microsoft Research, along with keynote addresses for the Visitors Studies Association’s and the International Visual Literacy Association. In addition to Unflattening, his comics have appeared in various academic settings as well as The Boston Globe, and have been on display at exhibitions in Holland and Russia. He has taught courses on comics as powerful communication tools at Columbia, Parsons, and now at the University of Calgary, where he is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Comics Studies.

Closing Reception


Bus to NICAR Departs


Scott Klein

Assistant Managing Editor

Trina Chiasson

Senior Product Manager, Development
Tableau Software

Ellie Fields

Vice President
Tableau Software

Ben Jones

Director of Tableau Public
Tableau Software

Dash Davidson

Sports Data Analyst

Peter Gilks

Solution Principal

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelist

Tara Richerson

Supervisor of Assessment
Tumwater School District

Robert Kosara

Research Scientist
Tableau Research

Jessica Hullman

Assistant Professor in the Information School
University of Washington

Present with Us

There are two ways to present. The first is to submit a 10-15 minute talk about any aspect of data storytelling. The second way is to request to present a demo at the demo showcase.

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