Tapestry 2015 - A Wrap Up

The third annual Tapestry Data Storytelling Conference was held in Athens, Georgia earlier this month and the roughly one hundred invitees were treated to a full day of thought-provoking presentations and rich dialogue around data.

Wrap-up blog posts from attendees Priya Kumar, Emily Kund (and podcast), Michael Sandberg (1, 2), Christian McDonald, Cynthia Alice Andrews and Jordan Wirfs-Brock give you a sense of what it was like to attend, as does this beautifully sketched notebook by Catherine Madden:

The Keynote Presentations

A major highlight of the conference is the three hour long keynote presentations delivered throughout the day. This year's keynotes, delivered by Hannah Fairfield, Kim Rees and Michael Austin, certainly did not disappoint.

1. First, Hannah Fairfield, senior graphics editor at The New York Times presented "Reveal"

2. The second keynote, entitled "The Data Documentary" was delivered by Kim Rees of socially-conscious data visualization firm Periscopic

3. The final presentation of the day was the third keynote, Michael Austin's "Useful Fictions". Michael is the Provost, VP for Academic Affairs, and Professor of English at Newman University.

The Short Story Presentations

The five "Short Story" presentations make up an exciting and unique aspect of the Tapestry Conference format. These fifteen minute presentations provide a series of rapid and fascinating perspectives on the topic of data storytelling.

1. The first Short Story presentation, entitled "You", was delivered by Vancouver Sun's Chad Skelton

2. Ben Jones, Director of Tableau Public, delivered the second Short Story presentation, entitled "Seven Data Story Types"

3. The third Short Story, "Information Graphics at Popular Science", was delivered by Katie Peek

4. RJ Andrews, creator of award-winning site Info We Trust, presented the fourth Short Story, "Heroes of Interpolation"

5. Kennedy Elliot, interactive journalist at the Washington Post, presented the fifth and final Short Story, "From Databases to Narratives"

The Tapestry team would like to extend a special thanks to all who presented, attended in person, watched the live stream, and participated in the dialogue on social. We're honored to be associated with each one of you, and we're looking forward to Tapestry 2016, including a tour stop in Europe!