Announcing Two More Tapestry Speakers

We're excited to announce two more short story speakers for the upcoming 2017 Tapestry Conference, which will be held on March 1 in St. Augustine, Florida!

Nathaniel Lash, data reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, spent much of his time in 2015 on Failure Factories, an interactive data story that walks readers through what happened to five schools after the Phinellas County School Board abandoned its integration program in 2008. Nathaniel will be presenting the origin story of this Pulitzer Prize-winning project, focusing on the lessons for data storytellers in attendance.

Catherine D’Ignazio is an assistant professor of data visualization and civic media at Emerson College. She teaches data visualization and journalism courses, and creates art and design projects to make data more approachable. Many data and statistics courses use data sets as examples that are simple and clean, but also often not interesting to the people who are already underrepresented in these fields. Catherine emphasizes the collection of data instead, and also embraces the messy side of data.

Rather than draw a map, her Boston Coastline: Future Past project had participants redraw the historical coastline of Boston by walking it in current-day Boston, and reflect on the fact that rising sea levels could bring it back to where it was hundreds of years ago in the next fifty to 100 years. Her other projects include data collection by building sensors (and learning about their limitations), tools for cleaning data, etc.

We are looking forward to her describing another fascinating project in her Tapestry talk and to the lively discussion it will undoubtedly spark.

Catherine and Nathaniel join previously announced short-story speakers Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic and Matthew Daniels, as well as keynote speakers Michelle Borkin, Lena Groeger, and Neil Halloran. There are still two more short story speakers yet to be chosen, so be sure to submit your request to be invited to next year's event!