Derek Schwabe & Leigh Fonseca on Telling Data Stories to End Hunger

In their words, Leigh Fonseca helps brands "understand their customers" while Derek Schwabe "basically works on figuring out how to end world hunger."

The pair met at Tapestry 2015, and have since partnered to increase the impact of Derek’s grassroots organization, Bread for the World Institute. The group's goal is to convince US policymakers to commit to ending world hunger by 2030.

And that’s where data storytelling comes in, say Leigh and Derek.

"For those of us who work with data, I see advocacy as where rubber meets the road. It’s where data is actionable," says Derek. "Not only are people reading and interacting with data, whether through storytelling or journalism, but they are also making conclusions about the data."

This year, the pair returned to Tapestry and shared an update on their work. Check out the video below to hear the full story.

Here are some highlights as tweeted by the attendees.


Click here for the interactive version of the dashboard seen in the video. And check out the rest of the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TapestryConf.