Grids and Gestures: Everyone Can Draw Comics—Verified!

By Andy Cotgreave, Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau

Nick Sousanis’s Tapestry keynote was exceptional. His thoughts on visual thinking are both powerful and inspiring.

Nick finished his keynote by getting everyone to draw. We weren’t just asked to draw; we were to draw an abstract comic-version of a day in our lives. He calls this "grids and gestures," and he has written up the exercise so that anyone can do it.

Well, last week in Seattle, we did. It was Tableau’s company meeting and the entire marketing team was in one place. We were running a workshop to brainstorm some new ideas and wanted a way for people to get creative.

I led the group in doing a grids-and-gestures exercise.

The result was amazing. You can see the results my colleagues tweeted below.

Now it’s over to you. If you want a creative idea to use for a workshop, this will work just fine. Nick provides all the tools you need to do this.

I was worried I would feel like a fraud leading the exercise. It’s not my idea and while I was certainly a comic-book geek in the past, I can’t claim to be an authority on it. However, those worries were misplaced. This is an exercise which works.

Here’s what our team came up with. What can you do with the exercise? Use #gridsgestures with #tapestryconf to let us know!