Lessons from Malofiej - What to Do and What Not to Do Ever Again

By Jade Le Van, Data Analyst for Tableau Public

Named after Argentinian infographist Alejandro Malofiej, the Malofiej Infographics Summit is a news infographics event held each year in the beautiful city of Pamplona, Spain. This year, Malofiej took place during the same week as the Tapestry Conference, leading to some conference envy. Gladly, I was there to collect and share the pearls of wisdom from world’s leading news infographics experts such as Monica Ulmanu from The Guardian and Archie Tse from the New York Times.

Their advice revolved around two main ideas: Everything has to be mobile-responsive, and interactivity has to serve the story.

Monica Ulmanu, visual journalist at The Guardian, shared a thing she did and would never do again. 
  (See Monica's full presentation here.)

Archie Tse, deputy graphics editor at the New York Times, shared a thing he did and would never do again. (See Archie's full presentation here.)

And Alberto Cairo, Knight chair in visual journalism at the University of Miami, shared a thing he did and would never do again. (See Alberto's full presentation here.)

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