Scott Klein on the Forgotten History of Visualization in News

Tapestry 2016 brought data and storytelling luminaries of all flavors to Estes Park, Colorado. We are excited to share their stories with you here on the Tapestry blog.

We kicked off the conference with keynote speaker Scott Klein of ProPublica. Scott outlined the rich history of data visualizations in the news.

"Being a history nerd, I started wondering how far our history goes, and was very surprised, indeed, about how far I could go," Scott said. "It turns out data journalism goes so far back [that] it actually predates newspapers."

Check out Scott's presentation below.

Catherine Madden, who also spoke at Tapestry, took some great sketch notes throughout the conference. Her notes on Scott's presentation are seen in the above image.

And many of the attendees chimed in on Twitter with reactions to Scott's presentation. Here's a snippet of that conversation.

Check out the rest of the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TapestryConf.