We Want Your Short Stories, Posters, and Demos!

We have three exciting keynotes planned for next year’s Tapestry, and we are looking to add speakers who want to present short stories, posters, and demos. The deadlines for the first two are coming up soon, but there’s a bit more time for demos.

The First Two Short Stories

To get things started, we have picked two great first short stories. Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic teaches people how to create better graphs that communicate their point more succinctly and clearly. She has written a book, Storytelling with Data, that goes into great detail on how to structure your presentations and get your point across.
Matthew Daniels creates data-driven essays for his website, Polygraph. His topics include sports, politics, music history, Wikipedia, and many others. All of them have narrative structures and are interactive at the same time.
Want to join them? There are three ways to present at Tapestry.

Short Stories

Do you have an interesting project to present? A new idea for how to structure a story? Perhaps you’ve done research in this area? Or maybe you’ve built a great story and want to tell us how you did it?
Short stories are 10-15-minute talks about a topic. Look through some of the past stories on our YouTube channel to get inspired and get a sense for what is possible.
A short story submission doesn’t need to be long; one or two paragraphs are typically enough. Give us an idea of your topic and why it’s interesting. Pointers to other talks you’ve given also help us to feel confident that you can deliver a good short story.
The deadline for short story proposals is December 1. We will review proposals and start accepting them a few days later, with the goal of having all of them decided by the end of the year (and probably before Christmas).


We’ve had posters in the past, but never a real posters program. This year, we are going for full academic-style posters. This is geared primarily toward grad students who can get travel support when they have an accepted talk or poster. Posters will be reviewed by the conference chairs, and you will receive a notice with a short review and either an accept or a decline.
At the conference, you’ll be able to show your poster and talk to people during the breaks and the demo session in the afternoon. We’ll make sure that posters are visible in the demo room, so they will get plenty of exposure.
Poster submissions are due December 15. We expect an academic-style poster abstract of no more than two pages (as a PDF). There is no particular style, just use reasonable judgment or use a style like ACM or IEEE CS. We’re planning on reviewing posters within a week, so you will know before the end of the year whether you’re accepted.


If you want to show a tool, an interactive piece, or something cool you’ve done with data, a demo is the best place. The demo session in the afternoon is extremely popular, and it’s a great way to show your work and to collect ideas and feedback.
There’s a bit more time for demos as they’re not due until January 15. But it’s never too early to start thinking about what you might want to show!
To propose a short story, poster, or demo, hit the “I want to present!” button on the Tapestry website and fill in the form. If you’re just looking to participate without presenting, use the “request an invite” button at the top of the page.