Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic: What can I teach a room full of data storytellers?

What can I teach a room full of data storytellers?
This is the question I’ve been pondering.
This will be my first time attending Tapestry—between maternity leaves and other commitments, this is the first year the stars have aligned and I’m able to join. I’m excited. And also nervous, because the audience is quite different from my typical audience of businesspeople wanting to better understand how to communicate effectively with data. After some brainstorming, I realized: Therein lies the topic of my short story.
If you are a data journalist or an academic working in this space, you already know the importance of using story to communicate. Stories help grab and maintain an audience’s attention. They can facilitate getting a point across and making it memorable. Stories share important components, like characters and a plot. They have a shape: There is a rising action, a point of climax, falling action, and an ending. Stories can be retold.
Yet the typical business presentation of analytical results doesn’t incorporate any of this. I believe this is a failure. I want to change it.
For a short video on the topic of storytelling that I find inspiring, check out the following. I’ll be using Freytag’s arc—mentioned in the video—in the short story I tell you at Tapestry on March 1. See you then!