The Final Two Short Story Speakers

We are happy to announce our final two short stories for Tapestry 2017: Jewel Loree and Chris Mast

Jewel Loree manages the storytelling team at Tableau and before that worked with Tableau Public authors for several years.

For the past 3 years, she has done an annual analysis of the playlist of her favorite radio station, KEXP in Seattle. Every year the data looks the same for the most part, but the way she approaches the data, the story she tells, and the methods she uses change. As her storytelling techniques have gotten more sophisticated, her data visualizations have gotten simpler. Yet these simpler visuals somehow tell a more complex story. In her talk she will explore the relationship between the storytelling tools she uses and how they affect the way she approaches her data.

Chis Mast is an executive director of epidemiology at Merck Research Laboratories in the Center for Observational and Real-world Evidence.

Rotavirus vaccines were introduced for pediatric use in the US in 2006. Studies have shown the vaccines are highly effective at reducing hospitalizations and emergency department visits due to severe rotavirus disease, but uptake still lags in some areas in the US and other regions globally. This differential uptake has been attributed to low awareness of disease burden, vaccine effectiveness and perceived value of rotavirus vaccination program. Chris aims to use new ways of data communication to educate, reframe, and elicit positive change about the impact that vaccination can have on the prevention of disease.

We are looking forward to their talks, and to seeing all of you at the conference! We still have some open slots, but we are getting close to being full. Now is a good time to request an invite.